Why Is AOC Hiding from Debates?

AOC Is Wrong for Our Neighborhoods

Queens—May 13… Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, candidate for New York’s 14th Congressional District, today called on the AOC to do what the voters want, and commit to at least a one-on-one debate.

The Caruso-Cabrera campaign has been calling for debates in the Bronx and Queens both in English and Spanish for six straight days with no commitment from AOC.

“The voters want a real debate, but AOC doesn’t have the guts to face me one-on-one. We have been working with BronxNet to set up a debate that has already been rescheduled two times. Next AOC will cancel the debate because she is hanging out in her luxury DC apartment while people are home in the epicenter of this crisis. The voters deserve a one-on-one debate today. Period,” said Caruso-Cabrera. 

The Bronx and Queens deserve to hear why AOC voted no to the stimulus legislation, which all of our fellow Democratic Congressional Delegation supported. The stimulus legislation was designed to help the Bronx and Queens during this horrific pandemic. The voters deserve an explanation. Why was she frequently traveling across America for Bernie Sanders failed presidential efforts. Voters want answers. AOC knows in a debate she would have to explain her absence from the district.

Bad news continues with the AOC’s reelection campaign efforts. She was thrown off the Working Families Party line. Her campaign spokesman abandoned her without an explanation, and it was recently revealed AOC rents a luxury apartment with a Whole Foods in a gentrified neighborhood in Washington DC. Unlike the living conditions here in the Bronx and Queens, our minority communities have to stand in bread lines for food and many are worried about where their next paycheck is coming from. 

Undaunted, the Michelle Caruso-Cabrera campaign will continue arranging debates with local media outlets. Michelle Caruso-Cabrera concluded, “I want the voters to clearly see the difference between AOC and me. I want to serve the people. She is using her office for personal political gain. I will not disappoint our community. She is wrong for our neighborhoods and it is time to unite and bring results to our community.”

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