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Washington Times: AOC challenger slams the socialist for saying voters are racist over coronavirus

‘We’re not racists. But keeping AOC in office makes us look like fools’ – MCC

The Washington Times covered MCC’s response to AOC’s suggestion that New Yorkers were being racist in the early days the Covid-19 emergency. AOC’s claimed that New Yorkers were “not patroning Asian restaurants because of just straight-up racism.” Michelle took it upon herself to set the record straight and tell AOC what was really happening in her district, which she so rarely visits.

“Queens and Bronx citizens are fed up. And they should be. She’s never here. We pay her close to $200,000 a year. She has free medical care. We don’t. And now AOC calls us racists. We’re not racists. But keeping AOC in office makes us look like fools,” Ms. Caruso-Cabrera said.

You can read the entire piece at The Washington Times.

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