Time For Unity

"We need unity now, not AOC’s divisiveness."
“We all need to work together. But my opponent insists on fighting against Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as well as a bill that passed the Senate unanimously.
Last week I drove by Elmhurst hospital. My heart broke as I saw the men and women having to wait in line to be tested for Coronoavirus. The Bronx and Queens need help now.
During this dangerous time in history rather than trying to work together with our leaders in Washington, AOC is playing political games in Washington DC. Yesterday, she made statements to the press that she would delay the stability bill that we New Yorkers need NOW. She is turning a blind eye to apocalyptic pictures and news coming from Elmhurst Hospital and other places in Queens. We will not tolerate her divisiveness.
When I have been driving around the district, practicing social distancing, speaking on the phone with community leaders and small businesses they say they want one thing – a united front to get what is needed now. We need a leader who works for the people during a crisis. I applaud Governor Cuomo’s leadership in NY and I support Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer in getting a bill passed that will bring some of the much needed help to the families and workers that need it now.”

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