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National Herald: Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Calling for Six Debates with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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NEW YORK – Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is running for Congress in New York’s 14th District, challenging incumbent Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Democratic primary scheduled for June 23. Caruso-Cabrera is calling for six debates with Ocasio-Cortez and released the following letter to the press dated May 11:

Dear Members of the Press,

These are different and difficult times–more than we have ever experienced in our lifetimes. It is especially because of this, I have called on my opponent to agree to a series of debates in the Bronx and Queens’ New York’s 14th Congressional District. This district has been the hardest hit in the country. The voters deserve to hear from the two candidates, one-on-one, facing off in the June 23rd Democratic primary. As the candidate challenging the incumbent I am asking for:

 2 debates in Queens

 2 debates in the Bronx

 2 debates in Spanish

The district is spread over two boroughs and has a number of qualified outlets. These debates can be hosted in studio or via video technology based on the appropriate health and safety recommendations and state guidelines. 

Given the times we are living in, it is even more important than ever these debates be widely accessible to all the voters. In 2018 during the previous race for this seat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called on incumbent Joe Crowley to debate. As such, I am sure she would welcome your invitations to participate.

The voters of the Bronx and Queens deserve to have the opportunity to hear our platforms, especially the handling of the COVID pandemic, our future and why we are vying for their vote in this election.

Let’s not allow this pandemic to destroy our democracy. It is only just and right to be able to discuss the issues before June 23. To coordinate, please contact Hank Sheinkopf or Katy Delgado at press@michellecc2020.com.



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