Just the News: AOC challenger slams fellow Democrat for killing Amazon jobs, says would help coronavirus recovery

Just the News reported recently on Michelle’s criticism of AOC’s unfortunate, short-sited choice to oppose new jobs in a district that could use them now more than ever.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a Democratic primary challenger to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), is slamming the congresswoman for having lobbied to block Amazon from building a facility in their district, saying the thousands of related jobs would have greatly helped the impoverished community recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need those jobs. We needed them then, and we need them even more now because we’re going to need help rebuilding this economy,” Caruso-Cabrera said in a recent interview with Just the News. “So many businesses are going to struggle to come back, like restaurants, for example, and if we had a strong employer here committed to Queens and the Bronx, we would have a leg up on the situation. Which is why I found find it astounding that my opponent threw away those jobs. She claims she cares so much about people. But if she cared about them, she wouldn’t be throwing away jobs. It’s atrocious.”

Caruso-Cabrera noted that Amazon’s plan to build a second headquarters in the Queens area of New York City was backed by state and local Democratic leaders, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

You can read the full article at Just the News.

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