AOC It’s Time To Debate MCC – Stop Hiding, Defend Your Record.

Dear Representative, 

We want to hear you debate Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, your opponent running in our NY14 district. The voters of the Bronx and Queens deserve to hear what you have been doing for our district, now more than ever with the COVID pandemic.

We want an explanation from you as to why have you become like your predecessor. 

Prior to this crisis you were never here. You never set up a district office. You were caught campaigning across the country for Bernie Sanders. Then, COVID happened and you cooped yourself up in your luxury DC apartment with a Whole Foods in the lobby. All of this while people were dying and breadlines were forming here in the Bronx and Queens.

Our district has been forgotten. We have no voice in Congress. The job of a public servant is to serve the needs of the people you represent. 

You have voted against the district, against health care, against jobs and against small businesses. Each vote has only benefited you and your stardom but hurt us. 

The NY14 district is holding you accountable. You must debate MCC so the voters of our district have a true democratic race.

We Want A Debate

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